A place of purpose.

Come remember and explore god’s purposes for life.

now, more than ever

There is a great need to be encouraged and reminded of the deep purposes of God.  We were made for more than we usually embrace.  Creation and adventure can provide what is needed to remember and walk in the fullness of who God is and what he made us for.  There is purpose in his design, a purpose meant to be discovered and engaged.

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Training Programs for teens

Living purposefully requires preparation, intentionality, and vision. Our programs offer hands-on, personal ways to develop these qualities.


If you are an individual, couple, or family in need of refreshment or adventure we are ready to customize an experience for you.  If your church group is looking for a special retreat, Uplift Mountain is a great choice!


Our family began coming to the mountain in the earliest days of Operation Uplift’s existence.  We were friends with Dorothy and Jay in Duncanville and have been blessed by multiple generations of Seldens in the years since.  Our sons grew up on the mountain and we brought youth groups for several different churches to come spend a week growing closer to God and closer to each other.  We have financially sponsored this tremendous ministry since its beginning and walking alongside Team Selden for 35 years has been one of God’s greatest blessings in our lives.  Isaiah 40:31.  We love you guys

Mike & Mitzi Wadsworth

Uplift Mountain gave me a taste of what it would be like to take part in that Kingdom by revealing Christ’s treasure one beautiful slow turn of the diamond at a time. Each glimpse of this treasure was uncovered through meaningful activities with a purpose illustrating what a genuine walk with Christ looks like in a true believer’s life. What I came to understand was Christ’s treasure would cost me everything, and if I am truly saved, then in my joy I will gladly give it all up. Why? Because I now realize what I thought I had was wholly worthless, and what Christ offers is an authentic treasure of living water containing life everlasting.

Glen Fountain