A gift of purpose.

Why Give?

While we are not a flashy camp, there are needs and challenges we face every day. Your generous donations go straight towards creating and maintaining spaces and establishing programs that will impact lives for generations to come.

Donations Matter

As a non-profit corporation and a seasonal ministry we have enjoyed a partnership with many people over the years.  This has been a partnership of love, purpose, passion and sacrifice. It has been both humbling and encouraging to know that others believe in the need for this place and affirm our place here.  None of this “belongs” to us in the monetary sense of the word but all belongs to us and so many others in the way of shared vision and hard work.  We are grateful for the years we have been able to live, work and serve here.  We are thankful for all that have invested in changing lives through the experiences many have had here.

New Shower Rooms

Here is an example of something donations can go to.  Our lodge has two community shower rooms that have been used for the last 30 plus years by groups and individuals that stay in the lodge.  These showers and the rooms they are in are in need of renovation.  As with the big room recently renovated we do not intend to lose our “feel” or our simplicity but we would like to have shower rooms that are easy to clean, allow privacy and provide a pleasant place for guests to get clean.

Here are a couple of pictures that show one current shower room before and during the renovation.  We are going to replace the showers, faucet sets, repaint, replace the floor and put in a new vanity.

old bike

Current needs

  • Lodge renovation.  With the big room completed we would like to focus on the rest of the lodge.
    • Shower rooms.
    • Bedroom renovation (x7)
    • New upstairs patio doors.
  • Scholarships for training program participants.  Any amount.  Tuition is $1,495 per person for 3 weeks.
  • Bikes for teen programs and general use.  We can get a new full suspension bike wholesale for $1,350.  We would plan to get about 10 years out of each bike. (Shown is an old bike and a newer one)
new bike

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