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Father/Son Weekend

It all goes by so fast – the time our sons are a part of our daily lives.  So many times distractions, busyness, unfulfilled intentions become a part of our stories.  Set aside a weekend this summer for some focused time with your son(s) at Uplift Mountain.

About the Weekend

There is no way to predict when special memories will be made, no way to know when a breakthrough of communication or a positive shift in a growing relationship will happen or why. But we can provide opportunities for these things and give them space and intentionality to encourage them. This weekend will be filled with adventures like biking, climbing, and archery. It will include Heidi’s well-prepared and nourishing meals. There will be times of teaching, sharing, and laughter, good moments to be away from the regular pressures and distractions to allow relationships to grow and memories to be formed. This weekend will encourage both dads and sons to walk joyfully together in the days ahead.

father son weekend

The details

mountain biking

Fathers with son(s) 12 and older.


June 18th-20th (Fathers Day weekend)

What's Included?

Adventure Gear
     (archery, bikes, climbing equipment, etc.)


Dads – $125
Sons – $100