Since 1986

Our Story

There is great beauty around us here at Uplift.  That beauty is strengthened by the joy of relationships and the power of history.  We love sharing our days here together and are held by the reality of 33 years of faithful investment and rich encouragement from so many that have supported us and become life-long friends

The history

Uplift Mountain began as a vision of Jay and Dorothy Selden in 1986 to minister to leaders experiencing burnout.  The current property was providentially discovered and miraculously provided as a context for ministry.  Dean Selden began to use the property in 1988 to challenge and equip teens to grow in their Christian faith.  The first extended (8 weeks) teen adventure-based discipleship program was conducted in 1989.  The last 32 years have been a time of offering refreshment, challenge, training, and encouragement to all who have come to the Mountain.

old uplift lodge

why we exist

In a time of distraction and discouragement, there is a great need to be encouraged and reminded of the deep purposes of God.  We were made for more than we usually embrace.  Creation and adventure provide the simplicity, challenge and clarity often needed to remember and walk in the fullness of who God is and what he made us for.  There is purpose in his design, a purpose that is meant to be discovered and engaged. 

Uplift Mountain is committed to these truths, these paths, these means, and this deep potential for ourselves and for all who come to this special place.

snow on Humbolt

More than coworkers

Meet the family

Jay and Dorthy

Jay & Dorothy

Jay and Dorthy founded the camp in 1986. Dorthy helps with meals while Jay continues to help with just about everything around the camp.

Their Story

Jay and Dorothy moved to the property in Colorado in 1987.  Their vision, sacrifice, and labor of love have guided and nurtured Uplift through 30+ years of ministry through many times of challenge and transition.  Their wisdom, steadfastness, and day-to-day hands-on energy are an encouragement that is vital to the ministry in many ways.  So much of what they do goes unnoticed to human eyes but is recorded in the heavenly ledger.  If you come to Uplift for any reason we hope you will have time to get to know Jay and Dorothy and if you are here for breakfast you just may have to dodge one of Jay’s famous “air force” pancakes!

Dean and Heidi

Dean & Heidi

Dean directs and sets the vision for the camp and Heidi will make you forget you’re eating at a camp, creating the best home-made meals.

Their Story

Dean has a 2 year Bible degree from Fort Wayne Bible College and a B.A. in Outdoor Leadership from Colorado Christian University.   He has over 30 years of adventure leadership and discipleship experience and has ridden a bicycle 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the U.S.  He has served as a youth pastor for over 15 years and as a pastor for 11.  He is passionate about challenging people to not live purposeless, shallow lives as Christians.  

Heidi is a former D1 heptathlete (7 events!), a registered R.N., is a barista part-time at a local coffee shop, handles the camp finances, cleaning, and cooking.  She is an amazing wife and mother.  Her main ministry remains prayer as she daily walks and communes with her Lord. 

Join the family

Being a small camp we have the privilege to get to know each and every person who steps foot on camp.  When you come, you will likely get well acquainted with Jay and Dorthy and our new pup Remi. We could not be more thrilled to host you for intentional time with the Lord and those you love.  Come join our family!

uplift lodge deck