Pursuing a A Life of meaning


Seeing and Seeking god

Three weeks of learning to intentionally pursue and know God.


Each day determines a little more of what you are becoming. What you will value, believe in, and what will get you out of bed in the morning. What is and what will be the foundation of your character, your relationships, your daily realities, your becoming? Invest three weeks of your life to intentionally pursue God and His answers to these questions. 

Dorothy with Wrenley



Anyone 16 or older.


June 13 to July 1, 2022



Lodging, Food, Adventure Gear (archery, bikes, climbing equipment, etc.)




We will go for a 3-4 day backpacking trip in the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Pristine, remote, high altitude: this trip is everything you want out of backpacking. Climb a peak, explore the backcountry and soak in a wildness and beauty that just feels right.

Mountain Biking

With miles of privvate single track trail out your door you will have great opportunity to learn this sport or grow in your abilities.  Either way we will appropriately challenge you to increase your skills and understanding of riding and maintaining a mountain bike. Each ride brings new discoveries for heart and body.


There are special opportunities to work, serve, and grow.  You will help clean the camp, serve at mealtimes, assist in adventures, build something in the shop to take home, along with other things. Over all you will be encouraged to bring the attitudes and efforts that help create an atmosphere of encouragement and passion.


You will be encourged to come to this program fit enough to participate fully in all the demands and activities it requires.  You will have time most days to push yourself physically in order to train mind and body.  There is much to learn through daily disciplines and pushing through quitting points.   This is not the goal but a tool toward deeper things.


We will work with your current knowledge and ability, even if you are new to this activity.  With outdoor climbing on our own rock and an indoor all at your disposal we have many opportunities for you to discover the joys, lessons and challenges this sport is so good at revealing.


The mind and the body must work together to create understanding.  We grow through considering as well as doing.  You will be given required reading before the program and some during as well.  Evening sessions will bring truth to light in real and practical terms.  Helping you “connect the dots” for establishing purpose in your character and relationships.



The Pursuit 2 program incorporates the Pursuit three week training program with the added option of staying on for an additional 2 weeks as Uplift Staff. This is an opportunity to continue to grow in Christain discipleship, leadership training, and adventure proficiency. It also includes serving guests that come to the mountain for refreshment and adventure.

Dorothy with Wrenley



Anyone that has completed The Trailhead training program and goes through the application process again.* **

*Participants may come to the 3 week Pursuit program only.
**Participants must attend the Pursuit program a second time to qualify for the staff weeks.


Training portion: June 13 – July 1

Staff portion: July 2 – 15



Food, housing, teaching, adventures and gear (except personal items).*

*Travel to and from Uplift Mountain, including a charge for airport run(s) if needed, is the responsibility of participants.


Pursuit training program – $1,195

Staff weeks free in exchange for work.

Join Us!

This is going to be a great summer of learning, growing and challenge – come be a part of it!