Pursuing a life of purpose

The Trailhead

Eighteen days of meaningful adventure, solid guidance, and stunning beauty. 

About the Program

God has established purpose.  To know God, then, is to be able to participate in purpose.  This 3 week experience at Uplift is an intentional, deliberate time set aside to consider and engage what it means to establish a life on God.  Adventure and creation are powerful contexts for Biblical truth to come to life and be made real.  We would like to guide you into some unique experiences that allow God to begin to expand your notions of who he is and what it means to live in him.

uplift obstacle course
mountain biking

Mountain Biking

This adventure is just down-right fun. Gain the skills and knowledge to join one of the world’s fastest-growing outdoor sports.

  • Riding Fundamentals
  • General Bike Maintenance
  • Beginning to Ride Technical Terrain 

You will gain skill and experience by being on the bikes often. We have miles of single track here at the camp, and enough technical terrain to challenge more experienced riders. You will have access to a full-suspension mountain bike and miles of pristine trail right outside your door.


Come into wild, beautiful, places. Learn to backpack responsibly, safely and accomplish large objectives. Learn the logistics and the practical skills needed to travel and live with only what you can carry on your back. 

  • ​Gear Selection
  • Backcountry Food Preparation
  • Staying Comfortable (enough)

We will go for a 3-4 day backpacking trip in the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Pristine, remote, high altitude: this trip is everything you want out of backpacking.  Climb a peak, explore the backcountry and soak in wildness and beauty. 



Daily physical discipline has many benefits. We were made for it. Often we don’t get enough in our work so we turn to more contrived, yet still meaningful, outlets.

Fitness equals potential in the mountains. You can go farther, experience more, and push yourself harder. In a sense, the map gets bigger. 

We will be introducing you to the daily disciplines of fitness and how they translate into character and purpose.

Intro to climbing

​Climbing is a demanding activity. It involves the mind and the body at a high level.  Done right it has the potential to both reveal and build character. 

This is much more than “overcoming a fear of heights”.  We will introduce you to the basics of the sport and hopefully “wet your appetite” to enjoy it for a lifetime. 

Through a very controlled environment of an indoor wall and some outdoor bouldering, you can explore this adventure in a non-threatening way.

rock climbing
fire wood work


There is satisfaction in good work and making something with your hands.  We will spend some time cutting wood for the long winter ahead, building something in the shop for you to take home, and likely lay-out and build a new biking trail.   


Men and women ages 16-18


June 22nd – July 9th



What's Included?

Adventure Gear
     (archery, bikes, climbing equipment, etc.)